Elinrós Henriksdotter

Swedish-Icelandic Elinrós Henriksdotter is a painter, musician and poet based somewhere between London, Uganda, Scandinavia and USA. Her artistic focus is set on exploring the power and possibilities of the female body in a loose and experimental visual language. With roots in classical music, street creativity, electronic avant-garde and traditional arts training, Elinrós extends herself fearlessly and passionately throughout the creative spectrum.

The street has always been her main inspiration and through her friendship and collaborations with King Robbo and Team Robbo, a rejuvenized excitement for raw expression has positioned Henriksdotter even closer to the primal scream of unedited existence.

Excerpt from her poem ‘Not Physical; Metaphysical’:

“Must walk down hungry barking road
With a wet pussy
An the wind in my hair
Respecting the disrespect
Must laugh at hungry barking roads
As the soul is in the spine
As I am inside that which I am outside
My pleasure and my rapture and my juices
We thought we were to compare
We thought it all had a price
We thought we were consumable
Maybe you are
And should be
Thinking meat
Thinking machinery
Lots of prizes to be won
I lost
And I am forever lost
In streams of love”

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