Andrew McAttee

Andrew McAttee’s work is a reflection of his background as both a graffiti artist and a fine art student when he became increasingly interested in Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art.

The roots to his approach can be found in a graffiti past – painting bright, colourful, optimistic graffiti in disused public spaces, aiming to leave behind a graffiti painting that would shine and reach out of the debris and in doing so send the message that beauty is possible anywhere (but nowhere more importantly than in a place of decay) and in this context a form of visual alchemy had taken place. This proved significant, having a lasting influence, confronting the stark blank canvas very much in the same manner, with the intention of making something magical appear out of nothing.

A combination of mood and expression go into making a painting. In piecing these forces together the result is a hybrid style born of these combining factors, offering the viewer a vision into a world that seems out of the ordinary. If anything, the work provides the viewer with a sense of escape where by one can lose themselves among a bright, inventive cosmic nebulous of excitement, like a worm hole into another world.



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