Stik has been painting Stik people in various forms for over 10 years. You can find his work mainly around Hackney Wick, Dalston and Shoreditch in London – Stik people doing all sorts of different Stiky things, whole families of Stik people bring life to walls and billboards around the city and he’s now produced pieces in other locations in the UK.

Although Stik is regarded as a street artist, his eye for line and proportion intersect with the preoccupations of many graffiti writers. Stik once said this about graffiti: “I never belonged to a crew really. I wanted to find where I connect to other graffiti artists. Something I found sourcing artists is that graffiti artists are quite often deep people. They’ve got meaning behind what they’re doing. It’s got a reputation for being quite an aggressive art form sometimes, or something a bit daring or radical. But some of the artists are just really sensitive and caring people and create pieces that are really delicate and perceptive.”

If you want to see Stik’s pieces in the flesh, try this website:

Images courtesy: CC Erokism, Chaz, Jonny2love @ Flickr


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