Ludvig has travelled far from the peaks of Bavaria in Germany to the flats of Hackney in London and has been painting ever since he was out of Lederhosen. His name has appeared in many nations across the globe in many formats and media, with his style being variously described as innovative, free, loose, expressive, not graffiti and also often in terms not fit to be repeated. Ludvig loves nothing better than to face a huge wall with his crews; EE, 1%, 1LS cult or MLC, roller in hand, 2 pots of contrasting emulsion colour at foot and a quarter of an hour of time.

Ludvig also paints on a smaller scale, predominantly with acrylics on whatever is within reach. Some of these pieces have been exhibited before, but the shows were nothing to write home about. Ludvig can often be found swimming against the current with a bunch of other punks trying to remember what the rules were.

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