Steff Plaetz

Steff Plaetz began painting in Bristol in the early ’90s, developing a loose and spontaneous style incorporating a uniquely ‘freehand’ stencilling approach based on ‘automatic’ drawings and sketches which retain their rawness through to the final artwork. He was along with his friends Will Barras and Mr Jago one of the original three core members of the hugely influential ‘Scrawl Collective’.

Inspired as much by his globally nomadic lifestyle as his soft spot for quality sci-fi, Steff collides his ideas about bleak futro-industrial landscapes with dream-like snapshots of urban activity. His infinitely sustainable resource of imagination runs as wild as the acrylics and spray paints that colour his works.

Steff has exhibited his works internationally in Tokyo, New York, Osaka, Paris, Hong Kong, Brussels, Barcelona, Glasgow, Cologne and of course in his home city London. He has been commissioned and collected by Ian Brown, Michael Stipe and David Holmes amongst others.


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