Claudia Walde, better known as MadC, is based in Germany but travelled the globe her whole life, leaving her mark wherever she went. From the very beginning she was in love with letters and fonts and tried to connect her paintings with their surroundings. This resulted in the inclusion of floors and ceilings as well as an extensive use of transparent paint. Her letters flow into each other and parts of one letter borrow parts of another. Everything is connected; one part can‘t be without the other. Thus, her work is a reflection of our modern life where everything and everyone is connected through the Internet, cell phones, social networks and the media. The graffiti community has long used all those channels to stay connected for decades.

For her canvases she is using the same philosophy of connecting single parts. To create those works, MadC is uses spray paint, transparent spray paint, ink, watercolour, acrylic paint and acrylic markers. She paints on canvas as well as the cartons from spray paint boxes.

Claudia‘s passion for fonts and street art is also visible in her published work. In 2011, her second book “Street Fonts“ was published by Thames & Hudson and various other publishers in 5 languages worldwide. The book shows over 150 alphabets by graffiti and street artists form around the globe.

Since 1996, when MadC painted her first wall, she was invited to and has visited more than 35 countries including Sweden, France, USA, United Kingdom, Lebanon, South Africa, Bolivia, Hawaii, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Norway, Poland, Russia and many more.



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